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The Soul-Guided Nurse

A 6-week group coaching intensive for shifting consciousness in the healthcare setting to prevent burnout and reignite passion for the nursing profession

There are a handful of careers that you could say are not just a career, but a calling

Nursing is one of them

A Registered Nurse of

ten years

I have more letters behind my name than I actually have in my name.

As a Clinical Nurse Educator, I fondly refer to myself as a professional student. Always learning. Always perfecting my craft… and helping others to do the same.

Even so, all the education and evidence-based practice can never replace the knowledge I’ve acquired from my experiences at the bedside.


  • The mother crying over her 3-year-old son’s body after he drowned in a pool and we were unable to resuscitate him
  • Watching the floor of an entire ER as my colleagues worked fiercely in our two trauma rooms to try and save the lives of two teenage boys involved in a fatal car accident
  • The COVID patients that spend weeks, and even months, receiving any number of therapies (multiple IV drips, multiple chest tubes, ventilator support, dialysis, pronation therapy, etc.) only to watch them drift out of this lifetime as their bodies slowly shut down. Every effort made to give them a fighting chance at life. Everything thrown at them but the literal kitchen sink. Still, they die, and without any way to control it, a piece of our heart dies with them.

Have you ever felt like a failure?

Have you ever found yourself sobbing in the corner of your bedroom wondering what you could have done differently? Have you ever felt like you left everything you had on the table and you have nothing more to give?

I sure have.

So, why have I stayed? And, for that matter, why have you stayed?

Because it’s a calling.

A Rewarding Profession most of the time

Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful aspects of nursing, too.

  • I’ve witnessed a 5-year-old girl with a traumatic head bleed recover almost completely to her baseline – a patient we had to life flight out of the ER because her condition was so critical.
  • I’ve assisted in the resuscitation of a post-operative open heart patient who ended up recovering fully – against all odds – and sent us a picture of himself around the Thanksgiving table with his family after he cooked the entire meal.
  • I’ve seen a lot of patients whose situations appeared dire leave the hospital and go home with their families – one of them being a good friend’s husband after a sudden cardiac arrest.

Yes, there are many beautiful and rewarding pieces to the profession that carry us through, but with the current global pandemic they feel few and far between. So, we ride the coattails of the good stuff for as long as we can. Except for many of us, depending on what kind of nursing you do, the memories have become too distant to recall the good times and the feelings of success and triumph have completely faded.

I know these feelings all too well…

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Challenges with staffing
  • Feeling spread too thin
  • Unreasonable expectations
  • A doctor riding your ass all night
  • Working four 13-hour shifts and then you can’t sleep because you’re too worried about the patients
  • Not able to take lunch or dinner breaks
  • Not able to use the bathroom for an entire shift

You know what all of this leads to? Burnout.

How do I know? Because I burned out a year ago. I see faces every day that look similar to what mine looked like before I hit rock bottom.

From just surviving…

Twelve years ago, when I first decided to pursue the nursing profession, I never thought that I would be the face of burnout. And yet, there I was – completely depleted mentally, emotionally, and physically with ZERO self-esteem or confidence. Exhausted and ready to leave the nursing profession behind forever.

Around the same time I was warring with myself over whether I should stay or go, I had just taken a deep dive into my spiritual and energetic healing journey guided by a dear friend and mentor. She gave me the courage to take the leap and leave an environment that wasn’t serving my highest good. The tools, strategies, and exercises I gained from working with her made it possible for me to return to the healthcare environment after a 6-month hiatus. And, not only am I surviving, I am thriving. Yes, against all odds I am thriving because I implemented key concepts into my daily life. Now, I pass them on to you so that you can thrive, too.

What you will


In this 6-week program you will learn how to incorporate the following into even the busiest of schedules:

  • Mindset & Mindfulness
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Positive Affirmations
  • How to work with your own Human Energy Field
  • Connecting with your essence to uncover who you are at your core.
  • Divine channels of communication
  • Triggers as powerful healing tools
  • Breathwork
  • Emotional intelligence in the clinical environment
  • The importance of self-care
  • How to protect and preserve your energy

And so much more!

What you will


Additionally, when you enter into my world as a participant of this program, you can expect to receive:

  • Powerful healings that address your specific needs
  • Live masterclasses
  • Journaling prompts to dig deeper
  • Access to me within our private Facebook community
  • Shareable graphics
  • A bonus Live Q&A at the end of the program

It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving because you were made for this! Don’t for one second think that others can do what you do how you do it.

You are irreplaceable!

There has never been a better time than NOW to reclaim your Sovereignty as a divine being of love and light, activate Portals of Power, and reignite the PASSION within that made you choose nursing as a profession in the first place

The power to shift your daily experience at work exists within YOU
You have what it takes to be a Soul-Guided Nurse

Ready for the shift?

About Your Instructor

Jenna has over 12 years of healthcare experience.

She started her career as an Emergency Room Technician in the Emergency Department at St. Luke’s Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center. While working as an ER Tech part-time, she attended Nursing School at Gwynedd-Mercy University where she earned her ASN in Nursing. Upon receiving her nursing degree, she secured her first job as a nurse working in the ER at St. Luke’s. Jenna credits St. Luke’s as the hospital who “raised her” because it was the foundation laid by her colleagues in the ED that set her on the path for success and an incredible career.

Over the last decade Jenna has worked in several Emergency Departments ranging from the small community hospital to the Level 1 Trauma Center. But, make no mistake, no matter how small the hospital or how remote the community, the patients still range from the sprained ankle to the trauma patient fighting for his life. Jenna also worked in ICU, specifically the Cardiovascular ICU. The heart has always been her passion and based on what she now knows and understands to be true about energy and the human energy field, it’s no surprise that she’s drawn to caring for people with “broken” hearts.

In that time, Jenna has completed her BSN from La Salle University and her MSN in Nursing Education from Drexel University. Currently she serves as the Interim Director of Staff Development for a hospital in South Florida. She has worked in many different hospitals, units, and positions within the hospital and, for the most part, she’s seen “both sides” of the hospital – the bedside part and the administrative part. What fuels her passion for this work most of all, is seeing the look on nurses’ faces day in and day out and recognizing that same look from when she burnt out. The pandemic has only exacerbated the burnout and added additional challenges to the healthcare environment.

It took a year of self-discovery, but her mission is more clear than ever

Jenna desires to bring energy work and consciousness to the healthcare environment. It is this work that made it possible for her to return to the hospital, assist nurses at the bedside, and ultimately step into a leadership position. Without the energy work, spiritual healing, consciousness, and grounding techniques she has implemented into her daily life, she believes with her entire being that she would not have been able to return. Her life has been forever transformed since doing this work and she knows it will transform you, too.

Jenna is The Soul-Guided Nurse… and she’s here to teach you how

You can be one, too!

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