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My name is Jenna, and I help women like you align with their Truth, step into their power, and create the extraordinary life of their dreams!

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The first crucial step towards an extraordinary life is learning how to work with, preserve, and protect your own energy field.
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Beautiful wayward soul,

I see you. I hear you. I love you.

In the world we live in, it’s easy to become caught up in the grips of hopelessness. Everywhere you turn, there’s fear, struggle, disappointment, calamity, and catastrophe. Perhaps it feels as though you are, quite literally, on a highway to hell.

Allow me to infuse a glimmer of hope into your life. By integrating the right soul-guided tools, exercises, and strategies, you can climb out of the quicksand and begin creating the life YOU are so incredibly worthy of!

You were not created to suffer. You were not created for struggle.

You, my sweet soul, were created to THRIVE. You were created to find your light and shine it for the entire Universe to see!

Allow me to show you the way… all you have to do is follow me!

Author of the impactful guided journal,

“Coming Back Home: Remembering Your Truth”

available exclusively on Amazon!

Have you been feeling exhausted? Are you running on empty? Does it often feel like you’re swimming upstream against the current? Have you been feeling uninspired and unmotivated? Are you lacking confidence? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Perhaps you’re at a point where you don’t even recognize yourself anymore. I can relate!

“Coming Back Home: Remembering Your Truth” is a journey of transformation and evolution. This guided journal is based on my own personal journey of self-exploration and sets the stage for reconnection with your own inner Goddess, stepping fully into your Truth, and executing from a place of alignment. Broken down into 6 parts, this journal will guide you through key aspects of mind, body, and spirit to help you differentiate between what’s working and what isn’t working. Carefully curated journal questions assist you in diving deeper into meaningful self-exploration through connection with Source, your Soul, and your core healing team. This isn’t just a journal, this is a JOURNEY of deep personal reflection and inner work. Are you ready to take the leap?

This journal was a labor of love – a gift for all the women who feel beaten up and broken. This is how I felt one year ago, but I’m living proof that if you implement the strategies and exercises that are taught in this journal into your daily life, you will transform into the Goddess you were designed and created to be!

Working with Jenna doesn’t stop here!

In addition to my guided journal, I offer the following:

Energy Clearing Sessions

In this 1-hour session, I help you identify an immense energetic and emotional block that is holding you back. I work with you to make massive shifts within your energetic field. This powerful session will take you way past coping into true healing and transformation!

The Soul-Guided

This 6-week intensive is my signature program and will take you from exhausted and stressed to confident and empowered.


For those women who are ready to go ALL IN! We will work intimately together to get you in complete energetic alignment — mind, body, spirit, and profession! Let’s explore how I can best mentor you.

What it’s like to work with Jenna

Let me start by saying I’m honored that you’re here. In the coaching world, the decision to work with one another is a mutual agreement as guided by our souls. Feel into the beautiful love and light-infused into this page and ask yourself if there’s a deeply rooted connection there.

Chances are if you found me there’s a reason beyond anything you could conceive that has brought you to this place. Over time I’ve learned that there are no such thing as coincidences.

You are here for a reason and I am honored that our souls brought us together.

the healing

work we will do together is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

How do I know?
In order to experience deep, transformative healing you have to go deeper. I help you cut through the surface-level fluff to get to the root of the problem so you can begin to do the deep healing work required through the following:

Intense Energy

I connect with you on a soul level to help you identify the energetic and emotional blocks that are preventing you from healing. Once the garbage is taken out, real transformation can occur!

A Safe
Soul-Aligned Space

You are afforded the opportunity to connect with myself and other souls who are on the same healing journey as you. In a world where energy healing may seem a bit taboo, you are able to surround yourself with the support and guidance you need at this time.


Masterclasses, Live Q&As, Guided Journaling, and 1:1 healing and coaching sessions are just some of the ways you will receive personalized exercises and practical strategies you can integrate into your life that will take you from powerless to POWERFUL.


Jenna was incredible. I needed this energy clearing session more than I ever knew! I had quite a few ah-ha moments and I can tell that her intuition is so strong because she was reminding me of things I had entirely forgotten about and it helped to bring my strengths to the surface. I left this session empowered and reminded that my path is divinely guided. Jenna is caring, empathetic and an amazing listener. I highly recommend her for anyone who needs a little direction. 💖


You made me feel so comfortable that I was able to truly Connect with my feelings and how to over come things I was going through. I can finally breathe again after years and months of the weight of the world on me !! You are a true blessing and amazing person. 💖


You have lifted my soul so much and helped me dig deep into places I am afraid to open up about. I felt so aligned with you today, you definitely tapped into some energies that needed acknowledgment and letting go. I realize now that I am blocking my opportunities due to fear and doubt. Thank you for giving me tools to work with, and for being my cheerleader for the reality I want to achieve. I’m excited for the future. You’re truly a gift!




My name is Jenna and I am an energetic alchemist, spiritual healer, author, registered nurse, wife, and furmom.

As a nurse of ten years, I’ve experienced firsthand the burnout that comes with taking care of others, putting others first, lacking boundaries, and abandoning your own self-care. I soon found out that by putting others first, I was actually putting them last. By not filling my own cup, I had nothing left to give anyone else – not my husband, my friends, or my patients.

As a coach, I call in Source, my higher self, my core healing team, and the ascended masters to connect with you on a soul level. I combine divine downloads, oracle cards, and energy work to help you hone in on emotional and energetic blockages that are preventing you from stepping in to the Truth of who you are. Through energy clearing, practical exercises, reflective journaling, and mentorship I take you from disempowered to EMPOWERED – able to face the most challenging circumstances with grace and ease.

I possess a special gift.

I am a Soul-Guided Nurse

Deeply intuitive, and able to marry science, energy work, and spirituality into a unique coaching style that guides clients to confidence, empowerment, creating boundaries, and energy protection in order to deliver safe, quality patient care based on evidence-based practice.

With my guidance, you will go from feeling stressed, exhausted, and defeated to ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

How do I know? Because I did it… and you can do it, too!

YOUR time is NOW! Time to reignite YOUR passion for your life and your profession!

Love & Blessings,


Right now healthcare needs confident, empowered nurses, and nurses need the right tools and support.

My passion is to guide nurses to remembering WHO they are and WHY they felt called to this profession in the first place.


Conscious Nurse Collective

Receive support from like-minded individuals who are passionate about combining science, energy work, and their own divine gifting to deliver exceptional patient care, reduce stress, and boost confidence.

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